Notary Services

notary services

notary services

Notarizing a document simply entails signing the document before a notary public. The notary public is an officer of the court, meaning they can witness the signing of documents and the courts, among other government agencies, will accept the document as valid. These services are only for those signers located in the NYC area (Bronx, Manhattan, Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Yonkers, Pelham areas) and are for mobile notary services. For other counties/towns/cities in and around NYC, please contact us for a price quote.



Regular Notaries

Notary – Simple (One Signature included) $75.00
Notary – Simple Weekend (One Signature included) $100.00
Notary – Business, Hospital, Wills (One Signature included) $100.00
Notary – Business, Hospital, Wills Weekend (One Signature included) $125.00
Additional Signatures (each) $2.00

Loan Signings

Simple Loan/Refinance $125.00
Commercial Loans $300.00
Reverse Mortgages $175.00
Piggy Backs $150.00
Additional Fee: E-Docs Printout Services (each additional set) $25.00
Additional Fee: Additional Borrowers (each, if more than two) $25.00
Additional Fee: Drop Off Services $25.00
Additional Fee: Pick Up Services $25.00
Additional Fee: Drop Off/Pick Up Service $40.00
Additional Fee: Shipping/Delivery Services (Fax Backs, Scan Backs, Overnight mailing) $30.00